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EndWarts® FREEZE is a device which is quick and easy to use. EndWarts® FREEZE is suitable for adults and children over 4 years old.

How to use EndWarts® FREEZE

Before you start the treatment read the following steps:

Before the very first use only

EndWarts® FREEZE needs to be activated once. Do not remove the cap yet.

Turn the white part of the device a minimum one full turn in the direction of the arrow until you notice a loud click. Some force is needed.

After you have activated the device, this step does not need to be repeated.

Before each treatment, EndWarts® FREEZE needs to be loaded with cold gas.

Place EndWarts® FREEZE upright on a table, with the transparent cap facing down. Hold the device with a steady grip. With the other hand, push the white part of the device downward for exactly 2 seconds.

Pushing for longer will waste useful doses. Pushing it shorter, reduces the freeze effect.

Remove the transparent cap and use the product immediately. Check that you see ice vapour. If not, repeat step 1.

Press the tip firmly against the wart.

For safe use and best results – the application time is crucial.

15 seconds on thin skin (hands, fingers, toes, side/top of feet and arms)
40 seconds on thick, callous skin (soles of feet).

Wait two minutes after use, discard the disposable tip and attach a new tip. Place the cap on and store in the refrigerator (store for no longer than 2 months; mark it on the calendar). The wart will slowly disappear after 10 to 14 days. If the wart, or part of it, does not disappear within 14 days you need to repeat the treatment ( steps 1, 2 and 3). The skin may take longer to fully recover. If, after three treatments, the wart is still there, consult your doctor.

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Where can I buy EndWarts®?

EndWarts® is available at your local pharmacy.

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EndWarts® FREEZE

For best results on plantar warts (on the soles of the feet)

Hard skin on top of the wart makes freezing more difficult. For best results on plantar warts:

  • Soak the affected area in lukewarm water until the skin is soft.
  • Gently remove any overlaying skin on inward growing warts on the foot (e.g. with a single use nail file (emery board) disposed of after use).
  • Make sure that the wart and surrounding skin are completely dry before treatment.
  • Do not file the wart itself; it may become tender and will form a new hard surface.

After using EndWarts® FREEZE

Using EndWarts® FREEZE may cause a tingling feeling and the skin may feel sore or irritated. These effects should disappear after a few hours. Immediately after treatment the treated area will turn white. After a little while the skin will go back to its normal colour and the wart will look red.

Within a few minutes to several days after freezing, a blister can develop, occasionally filled with blood. This is a normal result of the freezing process and usually indicates that the treatment has been successful. Do not attempt to burst the blister. If necessary, protect it with a sterile bandage, or if the blister has opened, disinfect it properly.

The treated wart will slowly disappear after 10 to 14 days. If the wart, or part of it, does not disappear within 14 days you need to repeat the treatment (steps 1, 2 and 3). The skin may take longer to fully recover.

If the wart is located on the sole of the foot, it may feel painful to walk on it. To make it less painful, apply a round non-medicated corn plaster to the area.

  • Do not pick at the treated area or try to tear the wart off!
  • Keep the treated area clean and disinfect if needed. This is important to avoid infection.
  • Bathing and showering can occur immediately after treatment. Pat dry the treated area afterwards.

Do not use EndWarts® FREEZE

  • on children under 4 years of age
  • on the face, groin, genitals, scalp or mucosa
  • on healthy skin (skin without warts)
  • on warts located on sensitive skin - take care when treating areas of thin skin (e.g. around joints)
  • if the wart and/or surrounding skin is bleeding or open, irritated, itchy, infected or red
  • if you are not sure the growth is a common wart, consult your doctor or pharmacist before use
  • on moles, corns, blisters, other skin defects or anything that might be skin cancer (melanoma)
  • on liquid filled vesicles on the skin (called ‘molluscum contagiosum’) or any other vesicles or blisters
  • if you are diabetic or have blood circulation or blood clotting problems
  • on multiple warts at a time; on warts in a cluster or warts that are closer than 3 cm. Treat one wart and wait 14 days before treating the next wart
  • if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, check with your doctor or pharmacist whether you should use this product

4. EndWarts® FREEZE Instructions For Use.

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